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Double-side probeW side probe

Double-side probe

Double-side probe

Double-side probe was developed instead of conventional separated type spring probe. It makes cost reduction of PCB test fixture.
It can also correspond to IC socket and probe card for TAB inspection.

Double-side probe specifications

  Min pitch contact force Position accuracy Stroke
086TYPE 1.1mm 25g ±10μm 1.5mm
068TYPE 0.9mm 25g ±10μm 1.5mm
048TYPE 0.6mm 25g ±10μm 1.5mm
026TYPE 0.4mm 15g ±10μm 1.5mm

Double-side probe specifications

  Resistance Self
Capacitance Allowable current
086TYPE 100mΩ 7.0nH 7.9pF 5.0A
068TYPE 120mΩ 7.9nH 9.0pF 4.0A
048TYPE 155mΩ 9.1nH 8.2pF 3.5A
026TYPE 180mΩ 11.0nH 11.9pF 3.0A

Probe drawings

  • 086Type
  • 086Type(For Throuh-hole)
  • 068Type
  • 048Type
  • 026Type

Structual drawing of Double-side probe test fixture

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